Sunday, June 12, 2005

The real story about how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader (Java Version)

Kirill Grouchnikov's Blog: The real story about how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader: "

Kirill Grouchnikov's Blog describe us the last Star Wars episode with the point of view of a Java Developer. It is a really funny history...

The real story about how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader:

Here it is - the JDK 5.0-compliant story behind 'Revenge of the Sith'. See it in all its glory, using the new java.util.concurrency package:

public class Princess implements ExecutorService {
public static final Princess PADME = new Princess();

// private member
private StarShip ship;

private Princess() {
Timer timer = new Timer();
TimerTask task = new TimerTask() {
public void run() {
timer.scheduleAtFixedRate(task, new Date(), 1000);

public class JediKnight implements ExecutorService {
public static final JediKnight ANAKIN = new JediKnight(false);
public static final JediKnight OBI_WAN = new JediKnight(false);
public static final JediKnight YODA = new JediKnight(true);

private JediKnight(boolean isYoda) {
if (!isYoda) {
else {
Locale yodaLocale = Locale.EN;

public class Sith {
public static final Sith LORD = new Sith();

private Sith() {

public static main() {
// The following line has been commented out so as not
// to confuse fans who never did it

// Utils.initChildren(JediKnight.ANAKIN, Princess.PADME);

// Use JDK 5.0 concurrency package
Future> padmeFuture = Princess.PADME.submit(
new Callable>() {
public Set call() {
try {
int weeks = (int)(36+4.0*Math.random());
this = null;
finally() {
Child boy = new Child("Luke");
Child girl = new Child("Leia");
Set result = new HashSet();
return result;

if (JediKnight.ANAKIN.poll(padmeFuture) instanceof ThreadDeath) {

// use some marketing ideas
Sith.LORD.promise(JediKnight.ANAKIN, new RuntimePermission("object.restore.afterGC"));
Sith.LORD.promise(JediKnight.ANAKIN, new RuntimePermission("force.power.dark.*"));
Sith.LORD.promise(JediKnight.ANAKIN, new RuntimePermission("force.power.*"));
Sith.LORD.promise(JediKnight.ANAKIN, new RuntimePermission("force.*"));

JediKnight.ANAKIN.setInternalName("Darth Vader");

JediKnight.ANAKIN.promise(Princess.PADME, new RuntimePermission("*"));


// Use JDK 5.0 concurrency package
Future anakinFuture =
new Callable() {
public RuntimePermission call() {
try {
Class princessClass = Princess.getClass();
Field shipField = princessClass.getDeclaredField("ship");
// will never throw SecurityException on Jedi Knight
JediKnight.this.add(new RuntimePermission("object.ship.board.*"));
return (StarShip)shipField.get(Princess.PADME);
catch (SecurityException se) {
// never supposed to happen to Jedi Knight
System.out.println("Internal error. Contact George Lucas.");

StarShip padmeShip =;



// note - absolutely no need for GC, Anakin will be collected automatically.

ReferenceQueue sithWatchList = new ReferenceQueue();
PhantomReference anakinRef = sithWatchList.remove();
JediKnight anakinPhantom = anakinRef.get();

Sith DARTH_VADER = Sith.LORD.assemble(anakinPhantom, LimbFactory.getSpareInstances());
MouthPiece newMouthPiece = MouthPieceFactory.getInstance();
// no need to check that it works - guaranteed to work with no noise
else {
// TODO - create alternative scenario for Sith revenge

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JAVA KNOWLEDGE ! [ ArrayList deserialization problem]

Java Forums - ArrayList deserialization problem: "Re: ArrayList deserialization problem
Author: sylviae May 25, 2005 12:47 AM (reply 3 of 4)

You're actually corrupting the serialized form by converting from a stream of bytes into a String, and then back again.

As a general rule, you cannot convert a random array of bytes into a String and back again and expect to have what you started with. In your particular case, it's altered the serialization identifier for the ArrayList class, but there's no predicting what it might do.

Use toByteArray() to get the serialized form as an array of bytes, and then construct your input stream from that and it will work.

BTW, you really should include a call to ous.flush() before you obtain the byte array.


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